Springtime Haiku

Another week, another “Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest” on Chelsea Owens’ blog (do check this out, it’s great fun). This week’s challenge is to come up with a terrible springtime Haiku. Here’s the process I went through: 1) write a springtime Haiku 2) change one word to make it weird 3) change two words to make it cringeworthy. Is it still G-rated as required? Uhm, well …

Springtime Haiku version #1:

Morning meets meadow
Gentle, glistening dewdrops
Fill wee buttercups

Version #2:

Morning meets meadow
Yellow, glistening dewdrops
Fill wee buttercups

Version #3:

Morning meets meadow
Creamy, glistening dewdrops
Fill wet buttercups

12 thoughts on “Springtime Haiku

  1. I like your approach to this. It’s an odd dilemma because to win is to lose. Actually, I think yours are quite good and not at all “terrible.” I’m hesitant to wish you good luck so you can show how terrible they are because they’re good.

    I thought that since I don’t know German that a google translation exercise would guarantee that it would be a terrible poem:

    Probetag für die
    kollabierender Mann trist
    Frühling weint vorbei

    And I tried some versions in Japanese and I’m not sure about the syllable count because it’s hard to read. It might be interesting.

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    1. Haha, you’re right, google translate is a sure bet indeed! I guess it all depends on what one deems terrible writing … I don’t know, but my “yellow … dewdrops” in connection with “wee” don’t paint a very romantic picture for me 😉 but in any case, I just like writing challenges in general, because they make us try new things, leave our comfort zones and think outside the box. It’s fascinating to see what we all come up with 😃

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      1. Oh that’s interesting. For some reason when I saw “wee” I was thinking it was an Irish expression which means “little”. I just saw someone say that in Scottish ‘have a wee seat’ means ‘sit down for a short time’,

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  2. I love the progression, both of your haiku and your conversation with Doug. hehe I haven’t even begun to think terrible haiku yet, but my haikus are never anything to write home about so I shouldn’t have far to go..

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  4. It’s only about flowers in a meadow, so we’re good. 😉

    I agree with Doug. You’re a bit too good, yet, to be terrible. Thank you so much for submitting your poems, and I hope to see you for next week’s contest!


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