Our Saturnalia (Translation)

For Wordcipher. Find the original German poem written by my friend from the Odeon Theater by clicking here.


They say you are what you are

And need not stay the same

We imagine the unattainable

So as to abide the probable


Though nothing is unthinkable

And we lower the threshold of the impossible

The notion of me without you

Is inconceivable


Some will tear you down

But you build me up

Together immortal

We fashion legends from clay and from soil


On the edge of everything

We stand ready to jump

And when the world takes a plunge

We wad our time into memory


We are tossed, we are hurled

We are the fire and storm

We are the crescent, the scythe

Blessed are the seeds of Saturn


They say we transcend

Yet are never more than we were

We drift into lives

And bud ourselves into stars


They say all shrouds are dismantled 

Each today discarded like casing

And the seventh morning awakens

To a world full of fresh folk


They say the world will never be the same

Two instants can never be brothers

We live after ourselves, our own underdogs

I would much rather enfold you


And though nothing is unthinkable

Though we lower the threshold of the impossible

The notion of me without you

Is inconceivable

7 thoughts on “Our Saturnalia (Translation)

  1. I still like it. It is difficult not to lose some beauty during translation but, I like it.
    Some will tear you down
    But you build me up…how many people are we able to do this for? Only someone loved can enjoy such a privilege. And maybe one’s country too. Chorus of a patriot? I’m grateful for you taking time to do this.

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      1. In the origin there is wordplay within, because it does not only say „tear down“ but also „create“ it is the same word in germany, so the others create my self (which can be destroying) but there is one person, who can „build me up“ which is more than true love for me. It‘s exceptionel

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      2. Yes, that’s true, the original says that some people both make and break you, while the addressee of the poem is the one person who completes the lyric I. In this context, the word “fertigmachen” seems impossible to translate with all of its meanings. There are several lines in this poem that make translation difficult like that …

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