Answer to Writing Prompt: Homophone Misuse

This is my answer to a fun writing prompt by Cubby from Reowr (please check out their blog). The challenge was to finish a poem using silly homophones (i.e. words that sound the same, but have different meaning). The first two lines were given:


Gone are the days of princesses

And nights in shining armor

Gone are courteous addresses

And what once was maid of honor


See this silver mourning

Has come to crush his rain

Though the dawn needs no adorning

We are doomed by this soft and gentle belle


Gone are the leys of once upon a time

And deftly fashioned coats of male

Gone is his soothing nursery rhyme

And sweetly sugarcoated tail


See the king of auld is dead

And this unsteady buoy is not his father’s air

Wears a guilt crown on an undeserving head

Long live the king, we shall all despair

7 thoughts on “Answer to Writing Prompt: Homophone Misuse

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