An Insomniac’s Complaint

Lately, the lonely hours of my nights

Have been haunted by grim and bitter fights

My nightmares wait and watch confused

Who formerly my soul abused

They want to sit on my chest where they belong

But I toss and turn all wrong

My waking mind scares them away

They scuttle off in deep dismay

Under my bed they gather to confer

“Why can’t we get a hold on her?”

“It is Insomnia at war with Sleep

It’s best if we our distance keep”

Meanwhile, undetected on my pillow next to me

A little, soothing dream secretly bends its knee

A loving kiss it places on my cheek

“Don’t worry,” it whispers, “I’ll be back within the week”

With a dejected look at Insomnia then it disappears

I turn my head as the wistful air around me clears

Insomnia stands tall, unmoving in the middle of my room

As Sleep prepares for his assault in the early morning hours’ gloom

In one swift movement he approaches through the dark

Taking her by surprise his lance thus finds its mark

Insomnia sinks vanquished to the ground

And I by Sleep’s sweet shackles find myself soon bound

He washes over me, sets my aching mind at ease

Until the nightmares come and crush, once again, my peace


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