This Glaring Darkness

This glaring darkness blinds

Who knows what the devil in it finds

How many hapless souls to dust it grinds

How many insomniac minds

Of love how many manic kinds

How many hearts this panic binds


Oh, spare me such despair

Whoever said it would be fair

That of happiness we’d get a share

Whoever said that well we’d fare

That life was more than just a dare

Who knows why we even care


This glaring darkness will be a part of us

Why should we fear it thus

Why make a fuss

Who knows how many others it may nonplus

How many hopeless souls it may yet truss

How desperately they secretly will cuss


What’s the point of all this languid yearning

When the world will still be burning

When the tables just keep turning

Who knows what we’ve been learning

With our stomachs always churning

Our sense of self so dulled and undiscerning


This glaring darkness chills

Who knows how many thirsts it kills

How many desires it distills

How many listless souls will tilt at windmills

Mistake them for revitalizing thrills

Until their last drop spills


In this existence we’ve been placed

By some cosmic joke with hurting hearts we have been graced

With doubt and grief they have been laced

Our hopes and dreams in their naissance been effaced

Who knows why some of us are born thus maced

Why these torments feel so closely spaced






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