Once Upon a Pristine Day, Part II

Part I: Megalomania’s Parade


Opposition’s Justice


Once upon a pristine day

Yesteryear, perhaps tomorrow

Megalomania to Opposition’s opportune rebellion thus falls prey

To a righteous uprising he succumbs in one swift overthrow


Once upon an unspoiled night

Long ago or sometime soon

This tyrant is brought to court by a single daring knight

Who stands in the lustrous light of a munificent moon


Opposition speaks with cool, composed sobriety

“On me falls the dreadful, dreary task to decide what with you to do.

See our witnesses have gathered here with much anxiety

On their behalf I have half a mind to split your head in two.


Yet Mercy has spoken up in your defense.

Though Barbarism put her publicly to shame,

She asks me with thoughts of vengeance to dispense,

Of all just charges to clear your cruel name.”


Madness leisurely rises from her chair

Then breaks into a sordid kind of laughter

“To my crazy, crazed ears this all sounds fairly fair

Though any day I’d civilly hang dame Civility from the damnedest rafter.”


“Agreed!” Greed gleefully calls out,

“Comely Compassion, come, I’ll shower you with gifts of morbid passion.”

Innocence, the holy virgin most devout

Blushes and swoons in the face of such unveiled aggression


Hypocrisy next takes the stand

Professes in a priestly, prudent tone

His love for Candidness and Truth, her son, whom he grabs swiftly by the hand

“To these my dearest dears, my regard and sympathy were always prone.”


Truth breaks free and mutely points at Exploitation

Who languidly lounges in her seat

“What?” she shrugs, “I never partook in this ruination.

All I did was feed a busy working fleet.”


Megalomania proudly prances up and down his cage

“Oppose us all you want,” he sings,

“Your people faint and falter at the mere memory of our rage.

Where are your brothers and sisters now, oh king of kings?”


“They shall be called upon in times of need.

For now, of savagery and murder in the first you stand accused.

Of this my warning solemnly take heed:

One more word from you and of your arrogance you shall be disabused.”


Opposition, a sickly, silly child no more

Towers tall above the trepid, tearful crowd

Bids them shake their shackles, shrink no longer as before:

“Your bruised and battered bodies in balmy, blissful faith this day enshroud!”


Thus the trial takes its course

One by one the miscreants receive their sentence

Opposition presides with no remorse

For none of them show real repentance


Finally, Death itself is brought to the fore

Unmoved by this proceeding

It makes many an observer shiver to the core

As eagerly they await this shadow’s pleading


“You wish to condemn my ruthlessness,” Death thus begins,

“So be it, do unto me what you think that I deserve

Yet bear in mind my disregard for both good deeds and sins

They’re all the same to me, from my ordained path I never swerve.


Sooner or later you shall all fall prey to me.

To whom then will you pray, to whom look for a helping hand?”

Silence falls upon the crowd who thought they could be free

The seconds pass as hours, days and months. Then Love takes to the stand


Though Death at times her glory may disarm

From the faintest spark she the weakest hearts enflames

“Good people” she thus cries, “this specter can only do you harm

If you shrink away in horror. For your immortal, loving souls it can make no claims.”


Once upon a pristine day

Yesteryear, perhaps tomorrow

Fear no longer over anyone holds sway

For Megalomania’s former slaves their servitude outgrow


Once upon an unspoiled night

Long ago or sometime soon

This tyrant is branded and banished as a parasite

And the world finds rest in the lavish light of a magnificent moon



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