We’ve been sailing with the wind of stagnation

To the land of blind and doleful abnegation

Where nothing grows but indignation

And the will to fight takes roots in weakest allegation

Where Hope lies buried at the feet of resignation

And Love gives way to vain rogation


We fell asleep in this damnation

And painted it in the colors of salvation

But hear Life’s call for agitation

Hear the clamor of determination:


There can only be one resolution

To this your minds’ pollution

This revolving door of destitution

Though caution calls for gentle evolution

I call for brave and fearless revolution

For hesitation’s execution


Wake to shed your old frustration

Shake unholy exploitation

Break your lowly automation

Take this untold chance for liberation


See your dismal, dull reflection

Free yourselves from your subjection

Dismiss idle and corrupt objection

Give your voice a rigorously bold inflection

Throw overboard all circumspection

Set sail in this your resurrection


Picture credit: postcard designed by Nicole Borbe, Skowronski & Koch Verlag



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