Snippets 1: Trees that bend don’t break

“We could go away together. Leave all of this behind,” I said, stroking her cheek.

“You can’t run away from your memories.”

“What makes you so sure? We could build a different life. You and me. We are free, you know?”

“Are we really? Are we really free?” she asked with a fleeting smile.

“What do you mean? We’re not chained to this place.”

“We may not be chained to it, but we are rooted here.”

“Plants have roots. We are not plants.”

“Are we so different? Water us, love us and we prosper. Trample us and we wither.” She took my hand and placed it on her heart.

“True, but we can move,” I said, feeling her heartbeat, “We don’t have to bend to the will of others.”

“Trees that bend don’t break,” she said. I remember it clearly. Trees that bend don’t break. I think that was the most dispirited thing she ever said to me.

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